Easy bike maintenance for your Employees


Yeply makes it easy for your company to support sustainability and the green movement. Yeply Bike Service Days provide a way for your business to invite our service vans to your office, and have your employees’ bikes services while they are at work. This has proven to be a great employee benefit and has boosted corporate culture and company brand. 

We service bicycles that are owned or leased by the employees or the company, and our concept has been made as simple as possible for the business. 

Yeply Bike Service Days are designed to be hassle-free and require minimal effort from you to organize. You can choose to support 100% or 50% of the service fees on behalf of employees, or ask the employees to pay for the service. We have successfully supported businesses in all of these ways.

"We were really pleased with the service day! Mike and his team were super friendly and gave good advice to the colleagues."
Michelle Sommer
Sustainability Manager @ Teekanne

How does it work for the employer?

  1. Book a maintenance day that suits you and your employees.
  2. The booking and organisation of the service day is free of charge!
  3. You will receive a detailed schedule from us in advance. We also provide you info material you can share with your employees.
  4. Inform your employees about the date and time. 

BENEFITS for your company

  1. Give a boost to your company culture.
  2. Promote bike commuting and sustainable transportation method.
  3. Contribute significantly to the health and well-being of your employees.

How does it work for the employee?

  1. Employees can make an appointment in advance via our booking calendar.
  2. Your employees will receive a reminder on the morning of the appointment. Then the employee leaves his or her bike at the Yeply van.
  3. Each bike will be serviced by our service van on site on the same day.
  4. We notify your employee as soon as the bike is ready to be picked up again.
  5. After successful collection, your employees can safely pedal home again!