Yeply then and now.


Our story began when Tommi, a passionate industrial designer, and Antti, a pedantic engineer, combined their love of cycling with a tested business idea: bringing bicycle maintenance to customers, wherever they might be. What started as a pilot quickly became the Yeply Service Concept. The driving forces of our concept are built on world-class service design, product development, and pioneering initiatives. And, at the core of Yeply, there is a sincere passion to encourage a healthier, more active, and sustainable lifestyle.


Due to our founders’ long-standing friendship (see picture for evidence) and unique backgrounds, Yeply was born in 2016 as a celebration of the personal interests and professional passions of both Tommi and Antti.

Tommi Särkkinen, an Industrial Designer by trade, studied and worked in the US and Hong Kong, where he witnessed first-hand the importance of creating sustainable infrastructures in cities. Tommi quickly recognised that the over-reliance on cars was contributing to a myriad of issues, ranging from traffic, delays, pollution, and health problems, and that the landscape did not encourage sustainable ways of getting around.

Before founding Yeply, Antti Känsälä was the Managing Director of an IT growth startup, with over 10 years of experience leading and managing businesses. Antti also happens to live and breathe cycling, making Yeply the ultimate passion project for him. Understanding the ins and outs of bikes of all types, Antti provides the team with valuable insights into everyday cycling.

What started off as a two-man and a van-operation in the suburbs of Espoo has quickly grown, with Yeply hubs and teams now present in Germany, The Netherlands, and Austria. The key mission of Yeply is to become the main provider of excellent bicycle maintenance services across Europe. And, who knows what other opportunities lie beyond that.

Yeply’s main operational principle is deeply rooted in Finnish honesty. Tommi, Antti, and the global Yeply team share a sincere passion for encouraging people to live better lives, and for creating the best customer and service experience for cyclists everywhere.


  • Yeply Oy was founded in Finland. 
  • Business-to-consumer model.
  • Expansion within Finland. 
  • Hamburg business-to-consumer pilot. 
  • Launch of the Yeply digital platform and solution, our Van Tool.
  • Development of the franchise model.
  • Business-to-business model becomes operational. 
  • Yeply Germany founded.
  • Launch of the Hamburg operation. 
  • Launch of the franchise model.
  • Launch of the Düsseldorf operation.
  • Launch of the Berlin operation.
  • Launch of the subscription model in Finland and Germany.
  • Launch of Munich operation.
  • Management of fleets.
  • Direct-to-consumer brand partnerships.
  • Development of the digital service programme. 
  • Expansion to The Netherlands. 
  • Expansion to Austria.
  • Frankfurt launch preparations begin.
  • Business-to-consumer launch in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Closing a VC funding round. 
  • Bringing digital product development in-house.