Rick Van de Poll, Operations Manager (The Netherlands)

This is a funny story actually, I was looking for work in a different field when a friend said to me “if you are looking for work, there is a great demand for bike mechanics, maybe you should look there”. So I decided to take a look and found the job description for a Bike Mechanic @ Yeply. After looking at their website I really liked the concept. It makes so much sense in a world where a lot of things evolve around safety and (preventative) maintenance whether we talk about cars, trains, planes and so on…..so why not bikes?!?!

Anna Altendorfer, City Manager (Germany)

What Anna loves about her job is the variety and the challenge of finding the optimal solution for every problem. “It’s the mix that makes it – sometimes doing delicate work with a lot of tact and sometimes lending a hand with power.”