Yeply Innovations: Mobile Trailers

In our quest to provide an increasingly more sustainable service, we’re happy to announce the launch of our first Yeply Trailer in Munich, Germany.

Acting alongside our traditional maintenance vans, the trailers are part of our larger plan to become as carbon-neutral as possible.

Whilst we’re already using diesel vans, and are actively looking into switching to electric (the first order has already been placed!) as a midterm solution, we wanted to trial the concept of a trailer maintenance unit. These units can be pulled with electric vehicles, and produce no environmental waste.

The trailers are also on average larger than our vans, meaning that they can more comfortably fit several bikes, and fit all of our service equipment, and more.

Beyond our sustainability goals, we also want to make Yeply as approachable of a business as possible. Mimicking the well-known concept of a food truck, we wanted to provide people with the option of approaching us not only on the street, but also in locations that our Vans are unable to be stationed for a shift. The best part about our trailers is that unlike our vans, which work in shifts, our trailers can be stationed at the same location for several days at a time, providing even more flexibility in terms of drop off and pick up of a bike.

In Munich, where we are trialling the first edition of this service, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, from both our existing clients as well as new ones. 

The Yeplers working in Munich have also taken a liking to the trailers: “They’re a great addition to our vans. We now have a way of servicing more diverse needs and in more locations, which makes our jobs even more rewarding”.

So, next time you’re in Munich, keep an eye out for your Yeply neighbour!

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