Busje met fietsenwerkplaats komt in Schiedam Noord

Jan Willem de Boer maakte kennis met een nieuw initiatief in Schiedam, Vlaardingen en Rotterdam: een fietsenmaker die periodiek op bepaalde locaties in de stad staat met een bestelbus waarin een fietswerkplaats is ingericht en waarin ter plekke en meteen reparaties kunnen worden verricht. Het in ons land nieuwe bedrijf dat deze dienst aanbiedt heet Yeply.

And then, there was tech: The Yeply Digital Platform

Whilst Yeply could exist without the tech, it certainly helps take our service to the next level. With access to real-time reports on the bicycles of both our customers and our business partners, we are able to create holistic and thorough performance reports that help us improve, all the time. When we understand our neighbourhoods and trends, we can be ready to tackle almost any maintenance issues, and even foresee issues before they occur.

Yeply Innovations: Mobile Trailers

In our quest to provide an increasingly more sustainable service, we’re happy to announce the launch of our first Yeply Trailer in Munich, Germany. Acting alongside our traditional Vans, the trailers are part of our larger plan to become as carbon-neutral as possible.

Michael Boer, Fietsmonteur

Hallo daar! Hoe heet je en waar woon je? Michael Boer, Rhoon. Vertel eens iets over jezelf en je achtergrond. Veel verschillende soorten werk gedaan en uiteindelijk tot de conclusie gekomen dat ik liever met mijn handen werk. Van havenmedewerker tot leerkracht, maar nu denk ik iets gevonden wat me voor langere tijd leuk lijkt. […]

Rick Van de Poll, Operations Manager (The Netherlands)

This is a funny story actually, I was looking for work in a different field when a friend said to me “if you are looking for work, there is a great demand for bike mechanics, maybe you should look there”. So I decided to take a look and found the job description for a Bike Mechanic @ Yeply. After looking at their website I really liked the concept. It makes so much sense in a world where a lot of things evolve around safety and (preventative) maintenance whether we talk about cars, trains, planes and so on…..so why not bikes?!?!

Anna Altendorfer, City Manager (Germany)

What Anna loves about her job is the variety and the challenge of finding the optimal solution for every problem. “It’s the mix that makes it – sometimes doing delicate work with a lot of tact and sometimes lending a hand with power.”

Victor Langenskiöld, Head of Operations (Finland)

Due to Covid, I had to reconsider my career options and by the luck of the draw I heard about Yeply from one of my friends. At the time, it was a totally absurd idea to apply as a bike mechanic with almost no previous experience. However, I wanted to explore new possibilities and not limit myself, so I went for it and couldn’t be happier!

Reparatur in der mobilen Fahrradwerkstatt

Zwei Fahrradmechaniker aus Hamburg fahren mit ihrer mobilen Werkstatt quer durch die Stadt. In ihrem Van begutachten und reparieren sie angeschlagene Fahrräder. Gerade zu den Fahrrad-Hochzeiten bei überfüllten Werkstätten, ein lukratives Geschäft.